Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our webcam set-up

Here are three views of the webcam in situ in the Sturm's raspberry field. As planned, the shelter, camera and solar panel that powers the battery for the camera are all sitting under a huge powerline tower. The bushes around the shelter are black raspberry.
The webcam resides in the white box between the bee shelter on the left (north) and the solar panel on the right (south). The white box provides protection to the camera from the elements. Mike built the box in his shop in Seaside, OR. Great job, Mike! You can see the black dome around the camera poking out underneath the box in the second photo. The camera can move 360 degrees to view all around the area. Most of the time we are interested in viewing the shelter, or the raspberry bushes nearby.
Don Sturm built the shelter. This one is quite cozy compared with the old apple crate that we were using last year. There is plenty of room for nests and bees, and lots of protection. We need to be careful that it isn't used by rodents, birds, or larger critters.
To help keep out unwanted vertebrates we purchased some screening from the local Home Depot and installed it over the opening to the shelter with pushpins and nails. Mice, spiders, wasps, and other small creatures can still get in, but at least hummingbirds and jays will be detered. Hopefully also racoons or possums, though they can probably chew through or pull off the screening if they want in. All the more reason for us to be able to monitor with the webcam!
If Rosie wants to get access to the nests or emergence boxes, she can take the mesh off of the nails holding it in place on the left.

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