Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Webcam images at Sturms Berry Farm

Sunday, May 30 we spent the day at the Sturms' Berry farm to see how the bees and flowers are doing.

First, Rosie showed us what the webcam images look like on their computer. Here's John in their office, with an image of the raspberry bushes from the webcam. We could see the branches moving in the breeze. The images are great! I gather that the problem resides in the router. Mike has tried two different routers, one white and one black just to the right of the computer screen. Mike purchased the black router with the silver band around it. The internet provider, rconnects, sent the white route. But neither communicates with any computer except Don's. ARG!!! Any suggestions from our readers?
Here's a closer look at the computer monitor with the webcam image, this time showing into the bee shelter. A bit of the raspberries are visible to the right of the bee shelter. Below the image are easy tools to get the camera to pan and zoom in or out, right or left. A scroll bar on the right side of the image will move the camera up and down.
In this image we can see the status of the nests. No plugs yet. There was very little bee activity because it was overcast and chilly.
We can zoom in close enough to get a good view of the nest entrances. If any bees had been sitting there waiting for the sun, we would have seen them. The big yellow circle in the top left is a yellow push pin - Steve's idea - to give the bees something to orient to.

We were able to capture images from the webcam and e-mail them to me. It took a couple of days for them to show up in my in-box. The resolution is not great, but good enough for this blog.
Here's one of the images, another close up of bee nests in the shelter. Note that the top of the image has information about when and where the image was captured.

Next: Hummingbird feeder!

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