Thursday, June 7, 2012

Black raspberries setting fruit

Black raspberry setting fruit, June 7
It's raining this morning in Corbett, 50oF, and so far there is no bee activity in the shelter.  But the past week or so has been mostly sunny days with lots of bee activity in the shelter, except for rain on June 4 and in the morning of June 5. 

Black raspberry in full bloom, May 28
I've not spent much time trying to watch bee activity on the flowers because they are too far away to see the bees, but I'm sure the bees have been very busy.  I was surprised to see today that many of the inflorescences appear to have green dots in the center - a sign that pollination is complete and fruits are starting to form.  Compare today's webcam image of the black raspberry bushes with the second image from May 28 when the infloresences were all white flowers.  Hopefully that means that there will be a large crop of berries.
Wide view of black raspberry in full bloom, June 1

The third image is of the black raspberry field on June 1 when the berries were in full bloom, to compare with the same image in April, before bloom started (bottom image).  On June 1 the raspberry bushes were covered in white inflorescences. 
Wide view of black raspberry before bloom, April 27

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