Friday, June 29, 2012

Update on completed nests

So here is how the shelter looks today.  Temperatures have been up to 80oF, and the bees have been active.  You can see the Phacelia and California poppy growing tall around the shelter. 

The second photo shows the O. lignaria Binderboard.  The bottom two boards are almost completely plugged.  There are 8 plugged nests in the top board, and signs that a couple of tunnels in the third row from the bottom still have females actively working on them.  

Looking closer at the O. aglaia Binderboard on the right in the third photo, the bottom board is filling along the left edge and the bottom.  Fewer complete nests are visible on the top board.  Some of the filled nests, maybe most of them, are O. lignaria mud plugs, but I think some are O. aglaia.

The fourth photo shows the Binderboard on the right side of the shelter, also plugged mostly along the bottom and the edges, also mostly with O. lignaria mud plugs.  There are two active females sitting outside of the tunnel entrances.  Their color looks like the blue-black of O. lignaria, but it's hard to tell for sure.  I doubt that many O. lignaria are still active. 

The final photo is a close up of the Binderboard on the right, taken yesterday morning, June 28 at 8:43 in the morning.  Notice three O. aglaia sunning on the emergence container on top of the board, as well as a couple of females sunning on the Binderboard, and several bee faces at the tunnel entrances.   It was about 64oF at the time, and I think that many of the bees were just starting their day.

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