Thursday, July 19, 2012

Changing the nests

Rosie sent me an e-mail this morning:  "I just changed out some binderboards.  I mowed last night and got to look around the farm a bit.  We still have a lot of black berry blooms and late red raspberry blooms and ones just getting ready to bloom."

Here is a photo of the shelter today.  All of the flowers and weeds that were overgrowing the entrance are gone.  Makes it easier to see the nests, although I liked seeing the Phacelia.  The bottom two filled O. lignaria nests have been removed and replaced by two small O. aglaia nests..  I'm already seeing a few O. aglaia checking them out.  I had Rosie leave the top O. lignaria nest because there are still some O. aglaia making nests in it. 
From what Rosie had to say, there are still some Rubus blooms in the fields, so I hope that's where the O. aglaia are foraging now. 

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