Sunday, July 1, 2012

Are O. lignaria still active?

It was 65oF at 4:30pm today, overcast and wet.  There are some active bees, but most are still sitting in their tunnels waiting for some sun, or warmer temperatures.  I checked to see if O. lignaria is still active.  There has been one new plug on tunnels of the newest orchard bee Binderboard, the bottom row, 6 from the right.  That makes a total of 9 complete nests out of 98 in this binderboard.  There are also 5 bees at tunnel entrances, three on the left side near the bottom, one in the middle of the top row, and one on the right, third row down .  I'm not certain that they are O. lignaria.  Some could be O. aglaia.  Some of the heads look a bit small for O. lignaria.  I'm not sure why O. aglaia would nest in the large tunnels, since there should be plenty of tunnels available in the O. aglaia Binderboard; but perhaps most of those already have nests in progress.  The plugged nests look like mud to me, which would not be O. aglaia.

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